A Guide to Buying or Repairing a Rainwater Tank

With proper care and maintenance, a rainwater tank can last long. However, you have to deal with the degradation from wear, tear, or unforeseen incidents such as bushfires. Thus, it is essential to know when to repair or replace a rainwater-harvesting tank. Notably, some people insist on repairing their tanks when it is better to replace them. On the other hand, others are quick to replace their tanks when repairs make much more sense. This article highlights factors to consider before deciding to repair or replace a rainwater tank.  

Underground or Aboveground Tank -- Rainwater tanks can be installed underground or aboveground. Each installation option has its benefits regarding cost, ease of installation, and maintenance. For example, when an underground water tank develops a crack at the bottom or the sides, it makes much more sense to repair rather than replace it. The reason is that replacing underground water tanks takes time and labour, two resources that don't come cheap. On the other hand, an aboveground rainwater tank does not require much in terms of installation or access, making replacements easy. Therefore, if you are thinking about replacing an underground tank with significant damage, try repairing it before considering replacement. You might save a bit of time and money.

Nature of Damage -- As mentioned earlier, damage to a rainwater tank might result from gradual wear and tear or incidents that caused cracks. Replacement is the way to go for traditional wear and tear resulting from rust or normal material deterioration. If you insist on repairing a worn-out tank, be prepared to spend a lot of money. The reason is that wear and tear tend to weaken affected sections. Although preliminary repairs might restore a tank's structural integrity, a time will come when the cost of repairs surpasses that of replacing a tank. However, if the damage is caused by an impact that does not affect other parts of a tank, repairs might suffice. Nonetheless, it does not mean that you should repair a water tank that is burnt or has a crack in more than one spot.

Extended Warranty -- For something as essential as a rainwater tank, a reputable supplier will give you a warranty. The warranty means that the supplier will replace a tank in case of damage. However, the extent of a warranty will guide you on whether to repair a tank or replace it. For instance, if a supplier issues you a 5-year warranty, but a tank gets damaged on the 6th year of ownership, it is best to repair it. However, if you get the same warranty and a tank develops a recurring issue in the 2nd year, replace it no matter how minor the problem. Your supplier will incur the cost of replacement and installation.